Potter's Wheel at Home Packages

Fancy  having a
Pottery Throw Down
in your own home?

Airgoo Wheel includes.jpg

​​Maybe you would like to practise skills you have already learned
or maybe you are a novice and fancy seeing what you can create.

There is a superb table top pottery wheel available to hire.

Weekend Package: 48rs Friday pm to Sunday pm  £90
Mid-Week Package: 72hrs Monday pm to Thursday pm £100


6 Day Hire £150 (£25 per day)

13 Day Hire £195 (£15 per day)

We deliver and collect the wheel to and from your home.  (Usually husband Tim does this)
And... if you manage to make some pots you are proud of,
the firing and glazing of your four favourite pots is included.

glear glazed customer pots
clear glazed customer pots.jpg
glear glazed customer bowls.jpg

Some previous customers' clear glazed pots

wobbly pot.jpg

Making pots on a wheel is not easy, but it’s a lot of fun.  It's a great leisure activity to do with your family or on your own. This package is generally best suited to those with some previous pottery wheel experience. However, it’s not all about the results.  Having a go and making even the wobbliest of pots could create some great memories and fill you with pride!

Instructions on how to use the machine and some step by step tips on how to make simple pots on the wheel are included to get you started.

Clay is a natural, safe and sustainable material. Damp clay scraps can be saved in a sealed plastic bag to re-use again and again so there is next to no waste.   You should find that the 12.5Kg bag of clay included will easily be enough to make plenty of messy mistakes and, after a bit of practise, a few items that you might even want to keep.

What's Included?

The hire package includes all the equipment you need to get started throwing pots:
1 x Electric potter's wheel
1 x 12.5Kg bag of stoneware clay that fires to a lovely cream colour.

Delivery and collection to and from your home address. (within 10 miles)

delivery beyond 10 miles is possible but will attract additional cost up to a maximum distance of around 25 miles.

Firing and glazing of four finished pots. (additional pots £5 per pot)
1 x protective floor covering sheet

1x protective table cover sheet
1 x disposable apron,
1 x User guide with safety instructions.
Tools included:  1 x sponge, 1 x wooden knife, 1 x wooden rib, 1 x needle tool, 1 x cutting wire, 1 x rubber kidney, 2 x trimming tools, 1x credit card tool.

1x bucket containing clean up sponge and cloth.

1 x absorbant reclaim board.
(all tools and equipment are returnable at the end.  The clay is to keep)

Further Information

For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions...

Wheel Details: 
Handy 18Kg table top model. 2 part removable splah pan. Forward and reverse operation with hand speed control and LCD speed display.  Also operates using the mini foot pedal if connetced.  250W motor, max: 300 RPM, bat diameter 29cm. maximum 9kg Clay. 

The wheel will arrive with all the equipment in a box on wheels which can be pulled by one person.  If lifting the box up steps, we recommend either two people do this, or that you to unpack the contentents and carry them separately. The wheel on its own can be carried by one person.

Summary of Terms

In order to safeguard ourselves against loss or damage, customers are required to sign a hire agreement prior to the equipment being delivered.

We also ask that customers provide a £200 security deposit by bank transfer at least 24hrs prior to taking delivery of the potter’s wheel and equipment.   (An acknowledgement for the deposit will be sent by email prior to delivery)

You will be asked to present 2 forms of ID (one photo ID - e.g. driving license or passport, the other with your address shown - e.g. utility bill)

The deposit will be refunded at the end of the period except in the instance of loss or damage (other than fair wear and tear) in which case Fancy Frog Pottery reserve the right to deduct the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment.

The wheel and equipment must be returned in a clean and clay free state.

Full terms and conditions are provided for you to read before booking.

To check availability for your preferred dates, please use the form below:

We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote for delivery to your address and a copy of the full terms and conditions.

Please note, making an enquiry is not making a booking.  Your preferred dates are only reserved after payment has been made and it has been confirmed by us. 

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Optional Extras

Coloured Slip

If you would like to add a splash of colour to your pots rather than leaving them plain this is possible by applying coloured clay slips to your pieces after making. 


The colour can be applied directly to the damp clay but soaks in better if the clay has been allowed to dry for a couple of hours first to leather hard.


It can not be applied to dry chalky clay however as this will cause it to flake off.

Clear Glazed Pots

all colours.jpg
slip pots in hand.jpg

There are various colours available to choose from. We supply slips in 25ml quantities - perfect for dots, stripes or a splash of colour.

If you wish to add colour, buy the slips by clicking the link below and we will bring them along with your wheel at home package

customer ceramics.jpg
customer blue.jpg

Some previous customers' work with added coloured slips


Wedging Clay

It is good practice to wedge / knead the clay before trying to throw a pot on the wheel.  This process will help to remove air pockets, align all the clay particles and make sure that the clay is nicely mixed and of even consistency.


An Instruction booklet with more tips like this is provided in the Wheel at Home Package.

wedging animation.gif