Potter's Wheel Hire

Take this potter's wheel for a spin in the comfort of your own home!

Maybe you would like to practice skills you have already learned at the studio or elsewhere, or maybe you are a beginner and fancy simply having a play and seeing what you can create. This easily portable wheel package is perfect for you!

We use a third party hire platform called 'Fat Llama' to coordinate calendar dates, verify borrowers identity and provide a rental agreement.   This enables us to rent out pottery wheels without having to ask for a security deposit and keeps correspondence relating to wheel hire in one place using their chat facilty.  Fat Llama requires users to register on thier website and submit ID documentation as part of their Smart Verification process before hiring of items can take place.


The Wheel Kit Includes

1 x “Discus Craftsman” 300W electric potter's wheel with electronic foot control,
1 x wheel stand,
1 x stool,
1 x shelf,
1 x protective floor covering – approx 1.8m x 2.4m,
1 x disposable apron,
1 x User Manual with safety guide.

tools + clay.jpg

Tool Kit:

1 x sponge,

1 x wooden knife,

1 x wooden rib,

1 x needle tool,

1 x cutting wire,

1 x rubber kidney,

2 x trimming tools,

1 x ceramic pot (to hold the tools), This pot also shows the colour of the fired clay and clear glaze.

1 x 2 litre bucket,

3 x round wooden bats (254mm, 280mm & 305mm diameter),

1 x allen key (to adjust bat pins in the wheel head).

bag of clay
when you
hire for a week!




We sell bags of our preferred studio clay for you to use with the wheel.    The clay is a lovely smooth creamy white stoneware clay and is perfect for throwing.   It can be purchased from our web shop or when you come to collect the wheel in either 6Kg or 12.5Kg bags.   (If you hire a wheel for a week we include a 12.5Kg bag of clay with the package.)

Colour Options

Firing of Pots

If after using the wheel you to have created pots that you would like to be fired in the kiln to make them strong and durable this can be arranged at the end of the hire period. The prices are as follows:

Single firing (bisque)
£2 per pot. (The pot is left porous and would not be suitable for liquids but could be decorated at home with water based paints and varnished.)


Fired twice (Clear Glaze)
£5 for pots fired a second time to a higher (stoneware) temperature with a clear glossy glaze applied.  ( safe for holding liquids)

Please note: Only clay purchased from Fancy Frog Pottery will be fired as clays all have different firing temperatures and a different clay body may not be compatable with our coloured slips and clear glaze.



Clear Glazed Pots

If you would like to add a splash of colour to your pots rather than leave them plain this is possible by applying coloured clay slips to your pieces after making.  The colour can be applied directly to the damp clay but soaks in better if the clay has been allowed to dry for a couple of hours first to leather hard. It can not be applied to dry chalky clay however as this will cause it to flake off.
There are various colours available to choose from here.

all colours.jpg
slip pots in hand.jpg

Wheel Specification

This professional potter's wheel uses a sturdy, high torque 300W motor with electronic foot control capable of centering up to 16Kg of clay. The 250mm diameter cast alloy wheel head runs up to 300 RPM and can run clockwise or anticlockwise. The splash bowl is 575mm long x 445mm wide x 160mm deep. The combined weight of the wheel with power supply/control box and foot pedal is 12.2Kg The stool conveniently fits inside the stand for easy transportation and would fit on the passenger seat of a car.