As it’s not currently possible to offer our usual face-to-face pottery throwing tuition in the studio, we’ve adapted to the situation to bring this activity to you!
Making pots on a wheel is not easy, but it’s a lot of fun.  


Getting the clay centred on the wheel at the start is crucial to achieving good results and requires persistent practise.   This leisure activity is best suited to those with previous pottery wheel experience.  However, it’s not all about perfection! Having a go and creating even the wonkiest of pots will fill you with pride!

Clay is a natural, safe and sustainable material. Damp clay scraps can be saved in a sealed plastic bag to re-use again and again so there is next to no waste.   You should find that the 12.5Kg bag of clay included will easily be enough to make plenty of messy mistakes and, after a bit of practise, a few items that you might even want to keep.



Also available to purchase separately from our online shop...
A selection of coloured slips   (to add a splash of colour to your pots)
Extra bags of clay
Firing of additional thrown pots if required.

Weekend Wheel at Home

  • The package includes all the equipment you need to get started throwing pots:

    1 x Electric potter's wheel (reversible with electronic foot and hand speed control).
    1 x 12.5Kg bag of stoneware clay that fires to a lovely cream colour.
    1 x protective floor covering sheet.
    1 x disposable apron,
    1 x User guide with safety instructions.

    Tools included:1 x sponge, 1 x wooden knife, 1 x wooden rib, 1 x needle tool, 1 x cutting wire, 1 x rubber kidney, 1 x trimming tool, 1 x ceramic pot (to hold the tools)