Throwing Practise Session


Bookings being taken now from 12th August 2021

Practise sessions are exclusively for those who have already done a course with me (either a 5 week course or a full day course) and wish to come back and practice what they have learned previously.  Places are available by prior booking only. Please do not just turn up without booking as I may not be there if nobody has booked to attend!  You are welcome to use the wheels or hand build.

I offer this session on a Thursday evening from 6:30pm to 8.30pm for making with all clean up to be done by 9pm.


It is a great chance for you to experiment and challenge yourself. There is room for up to 5 people  but sometimes it may just be you and me (Louisa) working in the space.

If you want any of your work firing and glazing, there is a small additional charge for this on top of the 'Practise Session' booking price.  This additional price covers the cost of the clay, the glaze, two firings and technician time. A poster with the weights and prices for firing is on display in the studio.
Items you wish to have fired will be weighed after bisque firing to work out the cost. Payment for firing/glazing must be made at the bisque stage before we glaze ready for the final firing.

Please note:

The practise sessions are NOT a tuition session, I will usually be doing my own work at the same time but will be around to give you little pointers :)

Please make sure that after you have finished working, you clean up after yourself and leave the wheel/ table as you found it. Between 8.30-9.00 pm is allocated for clean up time.

Only Fancy Frog Pottery clay can be used in these sessions.   Firing is to stoneware cone 6.  The use of coloured slips are available and the glazing offered is a clear stoneware glaze.

I reserve the right to not fire pieces I feel could be unsuitable for firing and consequently cause damage to the kiln.

Unfortunately any pots not collected or paid for within in 2 months will be disposed of as there is not enough space to store pottery long term.

Throwing Practise Session
2 時間

Please Note:
Bookings must  be made at least 24 hours in advance. This is a regularly scheduled session for up to 5 participants. Each sessionis booked and paid for separately.