Throwing Practise Session


Practise sessions are run exclusively for those who have already done a course with me (either a previous 5 week course, or a series of 5 or more private tutoring sessions. The idea of these practice sessions is to spend time on what has previously been learned. It is the perfect opportunity for you to experiment and challenge yourself. 


The practise sessions are NOT a tuition session, I will usually be doing my own work at the same time, but will be around to give you little pointers :)


There is room for up to 4 people, but sometimes it may just be you and me (Louisa) working in the space.



Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm for making with all clean up to be done by 9.15pm.

How to Book:

The places are limited and so are allocated on a first booked basis. Please ensure your booking is made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Please do not just turn up without booking as I may not be there if nobody has booked to attend!  You are welcome to use the wheels or hand build.

We will provide:

  • A wheel to use for the duration of the session

  • Plenty of prepared off-white stoneware clay (We only allow our clay can be used in these sessions.)

  • A selection of coloured clay slips for decoration

  • Unlimited Tea/coffee/squash from the self service table

  • An apron

  • A firing and clear glazing service for items made in the session.

Any items you make but decide not to have fired will be put into the reclaim bucket at the end of the session so that the clay can be reprocessed and used again.


If you wish to work on a piece further in a future session, please make sure that you pop your name and instructions on a piece of paper placed inside or underneath the pot so I know what to do with it when you leave. Pots left for more than 3 weeks without returning to work on them will be put into the bucket and reclaimed.


Clean Up
Please make sure that after you have finished working, you thoroughly clean up after yourself and leave the wheel free of water and slops. Please wipe your wheel / table and your apron firstly with the sponge and then with the black microfibre cloth to remove all the clay residue.  (You may need to wipe things twice with a clean cloth to  leave things properly clean.)

Please leave all the tools and sponges in the sink to be washed. The time between 9.00 - 9.15pm is allocated for clean up time.

Firing Service

Firing is to stoneware cone 6.

If you would like any of your work firing and glazing, there is a small additional charge for this on top of the 'Practise Session' booking price.  This additional price covers the cost of the clay, the clear stoneware glaze, two firings and technician time.  A poster with the weights and prices for firing is on display in the studio.

Items you wish to have fired must be labelled clearly on the base with your name or initials written into the clay. Please only leave items for firing if you agree to pay for them once fired.

Every care is taken to handle and fire your work well, however  sometimes faults can occur in a piece  either in the drying or firing stage.  The very nature of small studio pottery means that results are not always as expected. 


We reserve the right to not fire pieces which we feel could be unsuitable for firing and / or consequently cause damage to the kiln.


The pots will be weighed after the final glaze firing to work out the cost.

We will either send you an invoice to pay for your fired pots or weigh them and take payment during the session. Payment can be made online or by cash or card during a session. Please pay for your work promptly when requested.

Please note that we will still expect payment for all items you asked us to fire regardless of whether they turned out as you expected.


Collecting your work:

Please collect your pottery promptly when requested. Pottery not collected within 2 months risks being disposed of as there is not enough space to store pottery long term.  Please claim your work.

Please note: These sessions are aimed at those who would like to practise what they have learned previously at the studio.  The use of the studio is not intended for those wishing to make work to sell. 

Throwing Practise Session
2 hr

Please Note:
Bookings must  be made at least 24 hours in advance. This is a regularly scheduled session for up to 4 participants. Each session is booked and paid for separately.