We home educated our three kids from the start until they all recently went to college.  We understand how beneficial joining other home educated children for learning and play can be for fun and friendships. We are very happy to be available for clay classes for the home educating community.


Pottery is calming, creative and lots of fun. 

I, (Louisa) have a ton of ideas for things to do in clay and will be happy to discuss these with you for either a one off or a run of sessions. If you have certain topics in mind, I can tailor the sessions to your requirements. Prices will vary depending on what you are interested in, so please get in touch to discuss.


 If you fancy doing some pottery but don't know enough other home edders yet to get a pottery group together, I have created a pottery facebook group set up exclusively to help the home educating families around the Scarborough area connect with each other. You are very welcome to use the facebook group to post up and see if others fancy joining you in organising a session. (Don't be shy) :) 


If you are a home educator and wish to be a part of this facebook group, please message me for membership info.



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