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There are so many projects to be explored in clay and it doesn't all have to happen with a pottery wheel.

Our hands can be the most wonderful tool to create all sorts of fabulous items by pinching, coiling or using simple slab techniques to form simple pots or sculptures.

People of all ages can find joy in creating with their hands and clay is a wonderful, calming medium to explore.

I offer the following sessions to tutor you in the basics and get you started on your journey with clay.

Option A. Short mini Lesson suitable for families with little kids or those wishing to create very simple projects.
Duration: Up to 1.5 hours of clay hand-building fun.

Total Cost of Workshop: £75
Numbers: max 6 participants
Cost:  *£12.50 per person (*if 6 participants)
Up to 1Kg of clay per child to use for the  project, (please choose the project your group wishes to make from the list below).
A fun and economical way to experience the world of clay. Great for younger potters;
those with a shorter attention span to learn how to make simple predetermined projects.
Items will be fired twice in the kiln, once for the bisque firing and then again for the glaze. The mini lesson price is *£12.50 per person to include colour and glaze

Option B.Taught Lesson- 2x kiln firings to include Colour / clear glaze suitable for families with older children mor those wanting slightly more involved projects or a bit longer to decorate. (Please choose the project your group wishes to make from the list below).

Duration: up to 2 hours Total Cost of Workshop: £96
Numbers: max 6 participants
Cost: *£16 per participant, up to 2Kg of clay each (*if 6 participants)
Learn some basic skills with a predetermined outcome / set project lesson.
After you have made your clay creations, you can add a splash of colour to the damp clay with clay slips if you wish.

Alternatively you can come back with your group after the project has been fired for an additional session of up to one hour of painting with underglazes for £50.

Option C: (Half Day) Up to 3 hours, total cost £135 max 4 participants

Hand-building tuition (half a day) morning or afternoon sessions. Up to 3 hours duration.


Suitable for teens or adults who are serious about spending time on a more advanced project.  Good for those who like to give attention to detail and spend time perfecting their creation.

1x 12.5kg bag of off white stoneware clay is available to use for your group.  You can use the clay slips to colour your creation during the session or come back for an additional session with your group after the project has been bisque fired. A one hour painting session costs £50.  In this painting session, you will be able to use a selection of special underglazes to decorate your piece with more detail than is possible with the clay slips.


I offer simple beginner projects to help you learn to manipulate clay and learn the basic techniques of hand -building.

you can learn to pinch or coil the clay to form simple pots or sculptures. You can learn to create slabs to slump into or over forms to create an endless array of ideas.



Group Play with Clay Session


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