Covid-19 Pandemic Guidelines

Taking Part in a Pottery Workshop at Fancy Frog Pottery

**New Update 30/11/21**

As you are most likely aware the Covid safety requirements have changed again. Please read the following before visiting or making a booking to ensure you are happy to visit.

* As mask wearing is now mandatory again in shops and various other venues with close contact e.g. hair dressers and driving lessons etc..we have decided for the time being to reintroduce mask wearing at the studio.  We operate in a fairly small space and when helping you on the wheel, it is face to face and so very close contact.

We have made this decision with consideration of current government guidance which recommends one is worn when in "enclosed spaces where you come into contact with people you don't normally meet."

* We will no longer insist on maintaining a 1m+ distance from other participants, we have a small teaching space and doing this is not a viable option for us.

*We will keep the Test and Trace QR code and paper method of signing in should people choose to use it, but we will not be insisting on this. Please ask if you wish to sign in on paper and we will provide this for you.

*We ask that as previously, you do not enter if anyone in your household is currently displaying or has displayed Coronavirus symptoms in the last 10 days, or has been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

*We will continue to use the industrial (slightly noisy) ventilation system to maintain good air flow.

*We will continue to regularly clean the studio and the equipment after use and sanitise the loo after each workshop.

Everyone's health and happiness is of great importance to us, so we will keep reviewing our covid operating guidelines but for now, feel that these steps are appropriate.

Thank you,

Louisa and Tim